Learn Useful Tips About Business Etiquette In Ireland

Nora Lowe

September 5, 2017

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Business etiquette in Ireland is a little different from other countries. So do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with Ireland business culture. The Irish are known for being outwardly friendly people. They are considerate, helpful, lighthearted and have a reputation for their quick-witted humor.

Meetings and greetings

Irish business meetings are usually held at a pub or restaurant. Never reject a drink. It is considered an insult. Instead buy a round of drinks.

Being on time is not on the priority list of the Irish. So don’t be upset if your client is late. Keep in mind to avoid making the Irish feel rushed, they are not clock watchers.

Shake hands with everyone, children included. Whether it is a business meeting or social event it is customary to give a firm handshake with eye contact. Eye contact shows trust and reliance. Remember to shake hands again with everyone when leaving.


The warm and pleasant greetings usually turn into conversations. The conversations are typically unrelated to the business at hand. So be prepared for some small talk. When conversing stay away from religion or politics. Due to the Ireland’s history, politics and religion are considered touchy subjects.

Be honest and straightforward. If you do or do not like something just say it. They love that and cannot stand pretentious people.

Do not be surprised if they start calling you by your first name a couple of minutes into the meeting. It comes with the informal Irish culture.

Leave your professional title, and accomplishments at home. The Irish like to see themselves and everyone they deal with as equals. So be polite and friendly, not too official, show them that you are opened and eager to talk. Irish people adore charismatic and talkative people.

Business Cards

Business cards are exchanged informally. Some Irish businesspeople do not carry business cards. So do not take it personal or feel that you dropped the deal when they don’t hand you their business card.


Dress modestly and conservative. Stay away from flashy clothing as the Irish see that as arrogant.Bring your raincoat or umbrella. Ireland tends to stay rainy year round. And, of course, in chance your business meeting coincides with St. Patrick’s day, add some green details to your cloths.

I hope this post was useful and interesting for you. Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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